Surreal Beauty Mission:

 Aligning with your True Divine Self and Becoming the Best Version of You!


Doing the work required for Inner Healing is the catalyst for receiving all the Prosperity, Abundance, and Wealth you Desire.


Surreal Beauty aims to support individuals seeking the Strength within to Pursue their Life On Purpose. Surreal Beauty offers Brand and Business Design Services. In addition to, Merchandise, Books & E-books, Courses and Workshops.


Meet the Author:


Tiffany, an inquisitive individual, sought after her Education.

She Focused her Education in the Psychology and the Mental Health Field. 

Tiffany acquired her Bachelors in Psychology and pursued her Masters in Mental Health Therapy. She was a Professional Olympic Track and Field Athlete and soared incredibly in her Athletic Career. 

Tiffany found herself in the midst of turmoil and back against the wall of April 2020 (Covid-19 Pandemic). Yearning for a New Beginning, she made the decision to work in the Adult Industry.
It was the "Golden opportunity" during that time of despair. Which paved the way for her to Rise back up!
Tiffany Quoted:
"I never thought I would learn to Love and Value my Life, Mind, Body, and Soul while working in the Industry. I found Empowerment and a Renewal of self along this journey. I thank the Most High for always Shining His Light on Me, even amidst the darkest place in my Life".

Since then, Tiffany has transitioned into her journey as an Entrepreneur and Author. She went on to Publish her first book,  “The Birth of Treasure: Navigating the Sex-World”. An incredible story about her experience working in the Adult-Industry and how it shaped her views and outlook on life.


Today, Tiffany continues to Write while furthering her expertise as a Brand and Business Consultant.