Your "Attitude & Self Image" Shape Who You Are

Your "Attitude & Self Image" Shape Who You Are


Your Attitude and Self-Image play a role in How You Show Up in Life! Possessing a Positive Attitude about Yourself is the recipe for Confidence and Self-Love.


How are You showing Up in Life? Do you Possess a Healthy Attitude about Yourself and the Life you've created? 

It seems as though our own Outlook and Attitude towards ourselves, impact the decisions we make and whether we feel worthy or deserving of something. Our Attitude, is simply the difference between Believing You can or can't. And this ultimately shapes your Self-Image and how you portray yourself to be in the World.



From firsthand experience, I can attest to this truth. Prior to me Discovering my Divine Self, I had a poor Self-Image of myself, which displayed in my attitude towards opportunities and situations in life. My Belief in myself was extremely low, any opportunity that did come along, I would pass on it... thinking that I was not capable of fulfilling the tasks. I would ultimately remove myself from the equation before even allowing myself the chance to "try" or "give it a shot".

As I looked back on the many opportunities I've passed up, I have truly realized the rooted cause was fear. My former Attitude and Self-Image was rooted upon Fear and Lack of Faith within myself. Therefore, anything that was meant for me to take, I dismissed myself because of my distorted Self-Image.


I wanted to Change! I absolutely Hated that I had ZERO faith within myself. That is NO WAY to show up in Life. Since then, I have made it my business to make the necessary changes to alter my Attitude and How I viewed myself.

Today, when an opportunity is thrown my way, my Attitude is, "I KNOW I Can Do This", "Let Me Apply Myself", "I Can Figure it out", etc... I view myself as someone worthy and capable of doing and fulfilling anything I set my mind to!


I encourage you all to take the time to assess and ponder on the Attitude you posses of Yourself and your Life. As well as, assessing your Self-Image. Acknowledging where you stand today is the first step to making a Change. But it is ultimately up to you to decide Who You want to Be and How You want to show up in Life!

"You must BE the Change You want to See"!

You have it in you to Change and Create the reality you want!



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Author: Tiffany Okieme

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