Your Attitude is the Game Changer!

Your Attitude is the Game Changer!

Show Up and Show Out!

"Your ATTITUDE is the Game Changer!"

How we show up in life determines the outcome of whether we are successful or not. Your attitude and perspective play a role and shape how you respond to life and the universe we are surrounded by.



Ever heard of the saying, "It's not what happens to you, but how you respond to what happens to you?" Your attitude will determine how you respond to life and the challenges that come along the way. If your mindset is rooted in negativity, it can distort your perception and good judgement. It's as if your vision is blurred. 

I learned one of life's biggest lessons while training for the 2020 Olympic Trial Games. I was faced with such immense opposition. One being, the Covid-19 Pandemic halting the world at an instance, followed by, the instability and financial loss. I was in such turmoil and felt as though my back was against the wall.

This was the first time in life where I experienced the challenge with being unable to find a stable job, in spite of having a degree and credentials.

All I ever wanted to do was pursue my Professional Athletic Career while reaching new heights to attain my goal of competing at the Olympic Games. But life seemed to throw a few curveballs that put me on a detour.



This detour route put me on a plane, I never knew I would venture through. It taught me how to tap into my strength, power and ultimately inspired me to publish my first book, "The Birth of Treasure: Navigating the Sex-World".

As we venture through life, sometimes, we may not understand why things are unfolding the way they are. But as we look back, we realize that the journey was beautifully mapped out.

Through it all, we are in control of our responses to the opposition we are faced with. If we are operating from a healthy standpoint with a positive attitude, we put ourselves in position to withstand challenges. Regardless of the outcome, we can still lead with authority and strength. 

When I found myself in one of my lowest lows, it did something to me. I really experienced the "Fight or Flight" phenomenon. I felt like I was sinking, each day, that I didn't choose Me.

The fire and pain hurt so bad, I finally built up the strength and endurance to Fight! I began climbing out of that space and into the light. I started to find myself by changing my mind.  



How are you Showing Up in your Life Today ?


Ask Yourself:

How was my attitude toward the last five people I've interacted with? Did I represent myself well or are there changes I need to make?


 I challenge you to Acknowledge the Positive and Negative qualities about your attitude. Start applying changes where you see fit.



Check out "Your ATTITUDE is the Game Changer" Vlog.




Author: Tiffany Okieme

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