The Sleeping Giant

The Sleeping Giant


 Has it felt as though life has been passing you by and you have yet to accomplish any of the goals and desires you have set out for yourself?

Does time feel like it's escaping you?

Five years,  have passed by and yet, you still have not made the commitment to yourself to take your life by the horns and LIVE!

But why? Why is it that we neglect our own thoughts and desires?

Why is it that we may have our goals and visions so clear within our mind and hearts, but yet... we are idle beings, merely existing in our worlds.

Almost, like a slave to a system that has already been programmed. (Eat, Sleep, Work, Eat, Repeat)

Just earning enough income to make it by... but never seemingly given the opportunity to make actual strides and move forward in life.

Or even worse, being unable to sustain such a livelihood, resulting in extreme poverty (shelter, homelessness, lack, severe poverty).


Life as we know, may have us believe that there is one cookie cutter way to "Be" a "Success"... But truth be told, it is not. Because we all have gifts and talents, which we already possess... and if put to use, may earn us more than we could have ever imagined.

The core of who You are, the true essence, that is You is valuable. Only if you tap in and use it, will you experience your bliss on earth.


As we function and move through life, while some are tapped into their purpose, most are asleep.

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What keeps us asleep and idle as someone else is in the driver seat of our own lives?

Perhaps, fear, doubt, lack of self-belief/confidence?

Whatever it is, it keeps our true potential dormant. Locked away until we wake up to our true selves and Become.

What has the power to "wake" you up to your true potential? This answer is unique to each and every one of us.



I can relate to this and would like to share the moment to when I "Awakened" to my Self and Power.

I was once a victim of self-doubt, self-sabotage, and stuck in this negative paradigm ... which I believe was passed down from generational curses. As much as I had so much to be grateful for, I found myself always looking at the glass half full and therefore, not truly reaping the rewards and benefits life has to offer. I would always assume life sucked and bad things always happened to me. I never believed I was worthy of receiving the beautiful things life has to offer.. or simply living a beautiful life.

Simply put, I believed I only deserved the worst that life can ever offer someone.

Meanwhile, I possessed such gifts and talents that others would kill for. I took for granted my capabilities and pouted in my misery. Blaming everyone else for my misfortune and not looking in the mirror and really checking "that guy"!

In the midst of me drowning in my misery, I had the audacity to envy others and their "perfect lives". I actually had the nerve to believe that other people and their lives were so much better than me and my life. 

This damaged way of thinking distorted  and impacted many of the decisions that I made.

There was no fight within me. No fight to stand strong and tall when faced with opposition. I simply withered away with the wind and most of the time found myself scared, lost and confused.

Until, one day, I was truly faced with crossroads and had to make a decision if I was going to fight for my life or lose the battle and get washed away. I found myself in a circumstance, where no one was going to stand up for me or protect me, if I didn't rise up and stand up for Me. My life was in the hands of someone who desired to take it or watch me self destruct.

It wasn't until I met the devil himself, who happened to be disguised as someone who claimed to "love" me. But really, did every thing in his power to have me self-destruct. I was falling down the deep hole, losing sight of me and sense of myself.

I was faced with a decision in this moment in my life, where I had to leave and start over or stay and die. And even though I didn't have the most strength and love in myself at the time, it was enough for me to "Wake up", Get out and Get on!  It wasn't until death was creeping at my door, when it hit me, WAKE UP and GET OUT!!

Since moving on from this Awakening experience, it has inspired me to take better care of my Health, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I have never looked back since then and have continued to strive to be my best self ever since.

When I ponder on this transitional moment in my life, I am proud of the person I have been Becoming.

I am proud to finally be Awakened to my Truth, my Power, and most importantly, Me!

To all of you that have taken the time to read my story, I hope it inspires you to Awaken to your True self and step into your Power.


What's keeping you Asleep?



Author: Tiffany Okieme

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