The Skin I'm In

The Skin I'm In

Cut from a different thread.

A different Breed.

Ever felt like you just couldn’t be “hip” enough for the incrowd?

People misunderstood me.  Because I am different. I am unique. I am just Me.

Introspective, reserved, curious, a ball of energy with a soul filled with Life.

Eager to learn, discover, and explore.

The world just seemed so different to me.

I’ve always felt and Believed I can be anything I want to be. Truly.

As I’ve matured, I see how the world will do its very best to have you believe the latter.

I was so conflicted with myself. Feeling strongly internally on decisions and direction and yet externally being told to go in an opposite direction… I ultimately gave in to the pressure of conforming to society. I abandoned myself and began to adhere to what others said and thought “was best”. 

I began forsaking my own morals and values… for bullshit.

I sacrificed myself. 

I lost myself.

I forgot myself.

And I became a slave to the “validation of others.”

I have endured many seasons not being in alignment with my true divine self. It has been the reason for all the confusion and chaos. Wandering Aimlessly.

Listening to him, her, them and not Me.

Have you ever given in to the pressures of life, or felt you needed to conform? 



I had to break out of this captivity. I could no longer take the agony of sitting in the passenger seat of my Own life.

I had a choice to make. Break out of the Mental Captivity.


I began to sever ALL ties that were toxic and venomous to my life. Removing myself from all negative and dark energies. 

Clearing up the air and the noise all around.

I needed stability and peace - to get back to Myself.

I needed to get back intune with my inner voice. That STRONG voice within, that’s always Guiding and Directing. 


The seasons of me living in the shadows of others are dead and gone. I’m flowing with the beat of my own drums. 

I take pride in the Woman I am called to Be, humbly.

I’m walking in my own Lane. Living on my own terms!

It’s TIME for You to Break Free and Live Your Truest Life!



Author: Tiffany Okieme

Surreal Beauty by Tiffany

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