The Power of Love

The Power of Love

Love is the universal language shared between humans and it transcends countries, borders, barriers, and differences.

We need love to live, we need it to Thrive! Through love, we can birth Miraculous and Wonderous things here on earth. We are able to express ourselves in our most natural state when the atmosphere is surrounded by love. This energy provides a judgement free zone and limitless opportunities for growth.

Communities that create and build their village based upon the foundation of love, create a society where people are loved and appreciated for who they truly are. Regardless of the choices and decisions they make as they are on their path in life.

Everything is rooted in love, with the intention to love. When surrounded by the energy of love, it removes the space to hate, envy, compete, and bring forth the opportunity to understand, learn, and grow. 

Our purpose isn't to tell the next person what he or she should be doing, or condemning them for decisions they make. But rather loving the person from a depth within as if they were your brother or sister, and loving them through decisions and choices they may make.


The truth of the matter is, we all make mistakes. We fall, but we must get up. When the energy of Love is present, it allows for the opportunity for growth and patience, as we learn to make better decisions in life.

Blessings are brought to life through the power of love. We can bring forth to life incredible creations we have within us, waiting to bloom and present it to the world.

When love is cultivated in truth it us unconditional and without judgement.

With Love surrounding us, we are able to bloom and naturally share and express our natural selves to the world. Oh how wonderful this world would be if we all Loved one another, genuinely. We could truly experience living in "Heaven on Earth." 




We can start creating change by becoming the change we want to see first, then, spreading it with the ones around us and in the community we reside. 

What is stopping you from giving and receiving Love in your life today?


Author: Tiffany Okieme

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