The Birth of Treasure

The Birth of Treasure

Treasure was willing to reach her dreams and goals even if it meant doing so unconventionally. She turned over a new leaf and became an escort. This story shares how Treasure makes her debut in a brothel and how she develops her skills to rise to the top! She reveals all there is to know about healing, growing, and flourishing as a woman while simultaneously mastering the game in the sex industry. Money, manifesting, making moves, and more!




Review of "The Birth of Treasure: Navigating the Sex World" by B. Isbell.


"This book is a well disguised self-help guide for not just sex-workers but anyone who has been tragically hurt in their past. 'Treasure' reveals how she was broken, explaining how society failed her again and again. She then explains how she was able to regain control over her life and overcome the negative thoughts that come with years of abuse from multiple sources. While the target demographic is sex workers and the book focuses on how they deserve more and how to get it, this book can also be pertinent to anyone who lacks feelings of self worth. The author does an excellent job of not complicating the thought process behind overcoming fears or feelings of lack, making it seem possible for anyone to feel as if they are deserving of their desires, whatever those should be. "

-William Isbell


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Author: Tiffany Okieme

Surreal Beauty by Tiffany

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