Surreal Beauty's: Read it and Weep BOOK CLUB!

Surreal Beauty's: Read it and Weep BOOK CLUB!


Hey Beautiful Souls!!

Surreal Beauty hosted its First Ever Book Club Meeting, December 2nd, 2022! It turned out to be an Amazing Experience! Connecting and Sharing with the local Community was a breathtaking and transformative moment.

It was an opportunity to introduce myself, the Author, Tiffany Okieme, of "The Birth of Treasure: Navigating the Sex-World" to All! As well as share the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How I got involved in the Sex/Adult Industry!

This is the First of Many!!! As Surreal Beauty will be hosting a Book Club meeting each month!! We will be diving into the "Birth of Treasure" Book! Where I will be revealing the REAL, EXPLICIT, RAW truth about the Sex/Adult Industry. 

Surreal Beauty will also be hosting Activities and Events geared towards Self-Empowerment! Be sure to Subscribe and STAY TUNED for the Upcoming News and Events!!

We will incorporate Virtual meetings as well for all those that are not in the local community but would love to Tune-In ! Just be sure to Subscribe and RSVP your Contact, Details, and Information.


Here are some photos from the First READ IT AND WEEP Book Club Meeting!!







Author: Tiffany Okieme

Surreal Beauty by Tiffany

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