"Sink or Swim"

"Sink or Swim"

We have a choice. To "sink or swim". It's similar to the concept of "fight or flight".

When opposition is looking you dead in the eye, How will you respond?

Do we put up the good fight and "swim" or do we back down and "sink"?

I'm sure the answer seems pretty obvious... but why is it that many of us still struggle to get back up and Fight?

What holds us back from standing up for Ourselves and what we stand for?


It seems as though your True character is tested in these moments of time. What you want, wants you! Even if you have to stand up and "fight" for it. Sometimes, that's just what it takes.

If not, opportunity and time will pass you by.

We have been granted with this wonderful opportunity to live Life and showcase our incredible abilities, gifts, and talents. We have the Power to Tap into our Greatness whenever we put our minds to it. 

I think that's the biggest key, "whenever we put our minds to it". This is what it takes, to stand up and Fight! When we finally come to that place within ourselves, where we've had enough of being knock down and running scared. It's like an inner sword and shield is developed within once we make this decision, firmly. Your inner strength is rooted in your Truth and nothing (despite how big or small) will deter you from going after what's Yours.

You must stand, grounded in You and look opposition in the eye! Take on the mindset of a Warrior, a Victor. Why? Because, that's "who you are", a Winner! You are more than capable of defeating anything that "appears" to hold power over you.

Dig deep within, Love! It's in there.


So what will it be?


Do we take the punches in life and roll on or Do we allow life to have its way, as we passively coast along?

My hope is that you take life with the punches and roll on! 

Opposition is anything that gets in the way of one's mission or journey in life. Despite the magnitude or the occurrence of opposition, it is our Choice to respond in such a matter, that in some shape or form, positively influences the trajectory of the situation. 


Choose to Fight for You! Pursue Life on Purpose! Transcend to your Divine Self.



Author: Tiffany Okieme

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