One-on-One Personal Development Coaching

One-on-One Personal Development Coaching


Personal Development

  • Self-Esteem
  • Confidence
  • Inner Strength 

Anxiety & Stress Management


  • Processing Trauma, Anxiety, Depression

Time Management

  • Scheduling & Planning

Organization Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Public Speaking


Get a Free 20 minute Consultation to discuss your goals and details of the sessions.

Virtual sessions via phone, zoom, skype, whatsapp, etc.


Why join Tiffany for Coaching sessions?

Through extensive experience as a Former Olympic Professional Athlete, Scholar Graduate, Former Adult Entertainer, Licensed Mental Health Professional, Author, and Business Owner, I have acquired skill sets and knowledge that has allowed me to be successful working with past clients and helping them achieve their Self-Development goals. I am more than excited to help others along their journey of Self Empowerment! 

Looking Forward to helping you Reach your Goals!


Contact via email or contact form on this site to get exclusive details and information on sessions!

Be sure to include in the message your name, your desired area(s) of focus, and your personal goals

You will receive a response within 24hours


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