Monogamy... Is it Real?

Monogamy... Is it Real?

What is Monogamy? And does it really pertain to Human Nature? Are we capable of solely committing to one partner for a lifetime?


Society may have shaped the "rules" and "terms" for how we should live our lives.

In this case, we have been taught to find that One person, that will be our All. Get married and live Happily Ever After... But what if this isn't the case for all?


I have to question this ideology. Not because I don't believe Monogamy exists, but because we all come from different walks of life and experiences that have shaped our mindsets and perspective. And so, each person, views sex, love, lust, relationships, family values, etc. differently. 

It is not a place to judge the next person for their preferences.

For example, there are people who indulge in the Polyamorous lifestyle, or those that enjoy the Swinger lifestyle... who am I to tell the next person that their sexual life and preferences are wrong?

My prior experience in the Adult Industry, has really opened up my eyes to the Universe! By that meaning, I have met all kinds of souls that take joy in living their lives fully and freely - whatever that meant for that specific individual. 



All previous beliefs and thoughts I had about monogamy and relationships all went out the window, the moment I began to venture off and see life for what it really is. 

And the biggest mistake I have observed, where monogamous relationships become threatened is partners are not being completely honest with one another about who they really are and what they really want - in these terms, what truly sexually satisfies them... it seems that people are afraid to articulate their sexual appetite to their partner. This is where problems come about further down the road.

I have heard countless stories where a client would in fact state how much they loved their spouse, but could never tell their partner, what really drives them insane in bed, behind closed doors. Some have admitted that their partner would never look at them the same, and in fact,  would leave if they found out.

After much observation and understanding, I thought to myself, what could be the solution to this? 

Maybe, if people were to be unapologetically themselves and OWN who they are, that could be the first step. But then Being that and Owning that regardless of who comes into the picture. 

That is, being able to be openly honest about who you are and what turns you on, and pairing with someone who understands and accepts You just as you are. That is true vulnerability. 

Could you imagine being in a space where you can totally unwind and let yourself Free, without having to hide that from your spouse/partner? That's Real Freedom.

So this goes back to the question... "Is Monogamy Real?"

It is real for those that aspire to live their lives in this regard. And there is nothing wrong with that or the latter...


Ultimately, You are free to live your life as You choose! Be Young, Wild, and Free!


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Author: Tiffany Okieme

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