Mindfulness: Defeating Mental Trauma

Mindfulness: Defeating Mental Trauma

 This is the Biggest Fight of Your Life... The Fight for Your Mind... A Peace of Mind.

The Mental War we face is that of a dark cloud that seems to just follow us everywhere we go.

It can cloud your judgement, decision-making, and affect your overall well-being.


What's unfortunate is that many of our trauma stems from situations and circumstances that were out of our control. (i.e Chilhood trauma, PTSD, and unforeseen traumatic events in our lives) Leaving us to pick up the pieces and process our Healing.

 Regardless of how the pain has been inflicted upon us...

It is our Responsibility to deal with and work through the aftermath of the inflicted mental pain.


Through doing this, we are allowing ourselves to Stand and Fight for our Minds and Mental Stability. 


The Journey of Breaking through the mental blockages that hold our minds captive is probably one of the most intense battles to process through.

This is why many of us are not willing to put the effort in. It is scary, painful, and for some... nearly impossible!


Defeating Mental Warfare is the Biggest Fight of your Life because it is the Fight for Your Mind. A Fight for a Peace of Mind.



Many are impacted by Mental Trauma and each individual is affected differently. It is important to recognize our trauma and the stress it has brought onto our lives. It is critical to get the help that is needed because the damaging effects can be extremely severe and in some cases, irreversible. Meaning, some people can be so distraught due to challenging life circumstances, they lose themselves in the darkness.

It is important that we receive the Help and Healing that we require in order to break-free from the bondage that Mental Trauma creates.


The "Mindfulness: Defeating Mental Warfare" is an E-book, which shares information, strategies and tips on Breaking through Mental Warfare. In addition,  Reflective journal exercises are available, which will allow you to dive into your own Mind and work through your inner battles.


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 Author: Tiffany Okieme

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