New Official Book Release: "How To Be a Rich Bitch"

New Official Book Release: "How To Be a Rich Bitch"


We spend our lives seeking and searching codes to breakthrough and reach success. Society has made it so, that in order to access riches, one must climb the corporate ladder.  What most fail to inform us, is that we already posses the tools we need to Create and Live the life we desire.


It takes one's willingness to go within and Find You. To do the work and Tap In to your gifts. Using your precious talents and hidden treasures to step confidently into your calling as you pursue your Higher Self. 

"How To Be a Rich Bitch" is a guide designed to take that deep dive within and look into discovering and owning your truth. This guide ventures through the challenges, lessons and experiences endured when seeking your Higher Self. It's an interactive space to journey through your personal thoughts and feelings on your Self-Discovery journey.

 This lesson guide is designed to take that deep dive within and look into discovering your own gifts and talents. “How To Be a Rich Bitch” ventures through the  challenges , lessons and experiences endured when seeking your Higher Self.

 This guide was created to raise and spread awareness regarding our need to tend to our Mental Health and the importance of seeking Healing. Through sharing life situations, challenges, and breakthrough experiences, my hope is to inspire you to dig deep within yourself and  Become that Best version of You.



There are journal prompts with reflective, introspective questions to help guide you through this process as you focus on discovering your Inner self. The journal prompts will provide you the opportunity and space to dive in and seek your truth within.


Be sure to grab your copy and tune in to your Divine!


Author: Tiffany Okieme

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