"How To Be a Rich Bitch"

"How To Be a Rich Bitch"

"How To Be a Rich Bitch" is a Guide which encapsulates the Inner work we, as individuals must do to truly experience Happiness and Success. It is a journey of Self-Healing and Self-Discovery. Discovering how our Inner, Hidden Treasures (Talents, Skills, and Abilities) allow us to thrive in whatever it is we choose to set our minds to.

We spend most of our lives seeking external validation from others on what and how we should live our lives. When in all actuality, we already posses all it is that we need to Be Great! 

What holds us back from tapping into our Greatness is all the clutter that has buried our True selves. Clutter such as trauma, fear, anxiety, depression, and anything that holds us back from being our Best selves.

"How To Be a Rich Bitch" journeys through the process of what it takes to be Great within Self while removing all the clutter that holds us back.

As creators here on earth, it is our Birthright to not only Thrive in pursuing our Purpose and Mission but to also live Abundantly. These are our True Riches and the greatest part is, we have it already within us.

For all of you wonderful souls seeking Inner Peace and Happiness... "How To Be a Rich Bitch" is a Must Read! As you will learn key components as to how to Tap into your Own Greatness!



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Author: Tiffany Okieme

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