Heal Your Inner Child

Heal Your Inner Child

Where does trauma stem from? 

Why is it that we are still suffering from painful experiences that occurred early on from childhood?


This is because we have unhealed wounds from our childhood that have yet to be tended.

It is our responsibility to heal these wounds or we will inevitably face living life through our pain on repeat. Acting out and operating through the lens of  unresolved trauma, emotions and memories. 


We must Heal our Inner Child!



What are some of the feelings and experiences you can vividly remember?

Maybe, you experienced:

  • Abandonment

  • Neglect

  • Isolation & Disconnected

  • Felt Unprotected

These are just a few of the many negative experiences we may have encountered during childhood and adolescent years. Without undergoing the process of healing, we fall victim to becoming the very things we despised from those that inflicted the pain upon us.




 "I can attest to experiencing childhood abandonment, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Sometimes, I felt like it was my fault for not being equipped enough to excel through and push past the pain I was experiencing during my adolescent and early adulthood years. I had the opportunity of a lifetime to pursue my Athletic Olympic dream early on in my young adulthood. Due to fear and the inability to process through the inner turmoil, I struggled to see the blessings right in front of me. And at that time, I seen the blessings right before my eyes but did not know how to take it. 


So what does this mean for us?

We have to first acknowledge our voids and discover where our unfulfillment is coming from. Once we identify these things, it is critical that we address them. There is no specific order or way of doing so. But you must start somewhere. It may be difficult to sit with the uncomfortability and pain. Maybe even the guilt, shame or embarassment these wounds may stir up. But the only way to it is through it.


1. Sitting with the discomfort

2. Self-Reflection & Journaling

3. Mindfulness & Meditation

4. Learning to Accept and Forgive yourself for what happened


Let's be gentle and patient with ourselves. Healing will look different for everyone. And most importantly, it takes time



Self Reflection:

What inner wounds are you harboring?

Have you tended to your inner child?



Author: Tiffany Okieme

 Surreal Beauty by Tiffany


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