Happy New Year: Ready, Set, Manifest!!

Happy New Year: Ready, Set, Manifest!!

Tis the Year to Tap in and pursue all of your heart's desire!

What are your New Years resolution Goals?

Achieving the goals you have set out for yourself can seem scary, and a bit overwhelming. Why is it that when we create new goals for ourselves, we shy away? 
Well for one, pursuing something you have never done before, requires you to step into a new realm within yourself. It requires you to tap into the being that is capable of fulfilling the task. When on a mission to complete a new goal, it's going to require you to do and be someone you haven't been.
And that's what is the most frightening. It is something we have never done before, so the ruminating self-thoughts and questions begin to fester. "Can I do this?", "Can I handle this?", "Will I make it?"... the list goes on endlessly...

Tapping into your higher self is what it ultimately takes. 

But this change does not happen over night. It takes consistent effort of changed behavior in your day to day life habits. It starts with making the small, inconspicuous changes that we may overlook. It's the small things that matter. Really!
Let's say a goal you have set out is weight loss and getting healthier this New Year. The obvious starting point is exercising and committing to a new diet. And while that may be true, there's more to this than just going to the gym and eating healthy. It's a commitment to a new lifestyle which requires daily dedication.
Along with going to the gym and changing your diet, what are the thoughts and feelings that you associate with your self-image? How do you talk to yourself ? Are you cultivating a healthy relationship with You? 
What are your true motives and reason for wanting to lose weight?
These are just some thought provoking questions one needs to ask themselves whenever they're deciding to make life changing decisions. 

You need to know your "Why!"

 Your why is going to keep you grounded and in alignment when you feel like giving up or when you forget why you even started in the first place...

You "WHY" needs to be rooted in your truth. It needs to be solid, unshakeable, and unwavering. 

When you come to that place and understanding within yourself, then, are you truly ready to commit to change and meeting your goals. 


Remember to be gentle with yourself during your process of change and growth. Each step you take counts, no matter how small the steps may seem to you; the universe does not take them lightly. 
Have Faith in You and your abilities. Your inner self already knows the way and possess' the key to your destiny.


Dare to be You this 2024 Year and beyond!



Author: Tiffany Okieme

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