Build Your Tribe

Build Your Tribe

We are not able to choose the family we're born into.

Some people are fortunate enough to come from a loving, supportive family ,where a connected unit is valued. More often, coming from an upbringing where a family bond is strong,  gives the person a fair chance of learning and building healthy relationships. 

Ideally, we all want the love and support from trusted family and friends. Creating strong bonds, while collectively building and pursuing our mission. 

 While some folks have this privilege, others are forced to seek outsiders and build external relationships.

Even if it means letting go, removing, or keeping distance from people we call family. (This is one of the toughest lessons to learn)

The company we keep affects the energy we harbor around us which can impact and influence the decisions and choices we make in life.

As we come to a point in our lives where we are in control, We get to call the shots of the company and energy we keep around us. The people we call family. It is in our best interest to choose people who are in support of You.



The environment we are raised in can also play a role in how we operate in our lives.


Ever heard of the saying, "I'm a product of my environment." While this saying holds much truth to it, we are still capable of going against the "societal norm" and living in a reality that's most suited for ourselves.

Many of us strive to break free and live in a world we desire. While this is possible, one of the things we can do is bring people into our world that are meant for us. People that will love, value, and support you while you're on your journey in life.

We can create our own Tribe by selecting the people we want in our close circle. We have the authority to choose the people we call Family and create our tribe with them.

"It is Best to go where are You are Valued because that is where you will thrive."


Are you surrounded by a Tribe of people who love, support, and value You?


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Author: Tiffany Okieme

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