"Birth of Treasure: Navigating the Sex-World"| Sex-Talk| Q&A Teaser

"Birth of Treasure: Navigating the Sex-World"| Sex-Talk| Q&A Teaser



Get the SEXY Q&A Teaser Scoop on The "Birth of Treasure: Navigating the Sex-World"!  Here are some highly requested questions from readers answered directly by the Author herself: Tiffany Okieme! 


Pt. I

1. What's Escorting/Sex-work like?

Sex-Work is essentially like running your own business. You select the clientele that you'd like to cater to or offer your services, the services you are comfortable with offering, and the cost for the services you offer. The beauty about the "cost" part is that it is totally up to you, what you want to charge. 

All in all, you operate like a Businesswoman and should always conduct yourself in when interacting with clients.


2. What are the Challenges and pressure working in this industry?

The multiple exchanges of energies and having to cleanse myself, spiritually, in order to release the unnecessary energy lingering around. 


3. Most Favorite & Least favorite part about Escorting?

My Most favorite part of the Escorting experience was the Business aspect of it. I learned how to not only produce money but how to conduct and operate as a Businesswoman. The skill sets I've acquired throughout this process, has served me well in other areas in my life and inspired me to Write and Publish "The Birth of Treasure: Navigating the Sex-World".

My Least favorite part, as briefly mentioned before, the multiple exchanges of energies. And having to take on that "role" to appease the different individuals I serviced.


4. What did you takeaway from the overall experience?

My biggest takeaway was to ALWAYS Love myself, and to NEVER look down on myself, despite my Industry experience. I went through a phase of feeling shame, guilt and insecurity because of the profession I was involved with for quite some time. I almost looked at myself as unclean and unworthy of a real, loving relationship. 

However, I grew past that phase and later learned that all that I have endured has only made me the strong person I am today and the Power to share my story with You.




Pt. II 

1. What are dispelled myths about Sex-Work?

Some dispelled myths: Sex workers that I have connected with were some of the smartest, business minded, motivated women I've ever met. They were Professional and took their business very serious. 

Additionally, these were some of the most clean and hygienic women. In fact, I learned many tips on how to keep myself clean, healthy, and balanced.


2. What does Relationship and Intimacy look like in your Personal Life? Work - Life Balance?

When  I started working, I was already single and did not have the desire to engage in a relationship. It was easier to remain single and avoid the drama and challenges that a relationship may bring.

It was easier to stay single, since having to explain to a "significant other" the ramifications of your job would be quite difficult. 

I prioritized working and achieving the goals I had set out for myself. 


3. How did you cope with your personal relationships while working?

Truthfully, it was difficult trying to cope with work and my regular life. It was quite difficult to stay in touch with immediate friends and family, for fear that I may be judged. This also prevented me from starting new friendships/relationships and so I found myself more closed off and isolated from the social world. 

It was tough. But I managed to pull through, until I learned how unhealthy this was, and I ultimately terminated my employment with the agency I was working with. 


4. What was a day like in the life working at a Brothel?

A typical day would consist of getting up and getting Ready. You must Glam up, from make-up, hair, outfit, scent, and getting your "office" ready to "play". 

In the morning, it was the best time to get up and get ready. Fulfill my morning routine, get ready for my day. When a customer comes in, all of the girls are notified though a bell ring. We all line up and enter the bar, where the customers are, and the girl of the customer's choice is selected. 

Once a girl has been chosen, she then takes her potential customer inside a parlor like room where they negotiate their agreement. Once all is said and agreed upon, the services are performed and both parties exit. 


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Author: Tiffany Okieme

Surreal Beauty by Tiffany


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