5 Tips on Becoming Your Best Self!

5 Tips on Becoming Your Best Self!


Hey Beauties', I wanted to share with you 5 Tips that I had adopted when I began my Self-Discovery journey. These are tips that I use to this day! These are essential daily habits that keep me groomed and in alignment with my Best self!




1. Create a Healthy Daily Routine

A Healthy daily routine can consist of Exercising and a Healthy, nourishing meal to kick start your day. As you've energized your body and released toxins, another great regime to embody is meditation. Meditation is a wonderful way to tap into deep harmony and oneness with self. Giving you the power necessary to take on the day. 



2. Work on your Craft

 Dedicate time each day to work on your craft. The very thing you're passionate about and gifted with. Your talents can bring you financial freedom, if you take the time to harness your sills and contribute value to society.


3. Do an Activity you Enjoy

It's important that we spend time with ourselves and enjoy our own company. Finding and engaging with our hobbies is a way to sharpen our own creative skills while being able to self-express freely. Spending about 3x a week devoting to our hobbies can boost our self esteem and confidence levels and diminish feelings of depression. 





4. Spend Quality time with Loved ones

Spending times with the ones we love is very healthy for our social- emotional wellbeing. It allows us to keep a full balance between work and social life. Being able to interact and connect with our friends and families instills within us, a sense of belongingness and connection. We as humans naturally crave the need to bond with others. It is essential to have our tribe of people (people who we call our family), who love and care for us deeply.


5. Check in with yourself

Last, but most importantly, not least. Always remember to check in with yourself before you end your day. Assess how your day went. Did you complete the tasks you set out? Did you reach any of your goals? If so, what were you feelings associated with the achievements? If not, what hindered you? And what could you have done differently to reap desired results? 

Taking the time to check in with ourselves allows us to hold ourselves accountable and maintain responsibility. It is up to us to achieve the desires we have and live the life we want.


Let's Pursue our Life on Purpose! What are healthy habits you engage in to stay in alignment with You?




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Author: Tiffany Okieme

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